The Centre

Recovery Direct is one of Cape Towns top rehab centres, specialising in cutting edge treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. It nestles in a historic setting in the scenic seafront city of South Africa, at the foot of iconic Constantiaberg Mountains. The rehab centre in Cape Town provides extensive therapy to in and outpatients with up to two individual therapy sessions a day.

Nutritional Care

Mental health recovery programs need to address many angles of recovery. The remarkable ability for the human body to recover whoever needs help and guidance. Which is why the nutritional programme at the treatment centre is designed around recovering vital digestive and gut functionality. These natural processes are now well established and provide true recovery trajectories for people healing from the inside out. All meals are catered for at Recovery Direct and are planned around the specialist nutritional principles.

Personalised Therapy

Therapists design personalised treatment plans for every patient. This ensures individual solutions fitting their unique needs. Therapy includes private (one-on-one) counselling, group sessions and other activities. Inhouse residential treatment is best, but flexible day patient, outpatient options are also available. There are also a reange of different theraputic aftercare services to help you handle your life after treatment.

Specialist Treatment Plans The Recovery Direct team formulate their innovative therapy programs by taking established methods and then refining and improving them even more. Through constant research, development, training, reviews, patient feedback and aftercare, they maintain a leadership role with their long term solutions.

Understanding What It Takes To Help People

In order to move past from emotional trauma, you will need to learn to manage the unpleasant feelings and memories that you have for so long, only by discharging the pent-up “fight-or-flight” emotions of these events, will you be able to start regulating those embedded emotions, and can begin to rebuild yourself where you are able to trust other people again.

People may experience physical, emotional, psychological and even behaviour reactions to traumatic events, for the rest of their natural lives if left untreated or unresolved. Some people that have lived through constant or complex trauma that has taken place over many years of abuse/mistreatment. It is common for them to accept these traumatic events as "part of their lives" and avoid therapy that may "drag it all up again" however trauma usually re-emerges through depression, anxiety, stress, substance use issues, hypervigilance, narcissism or many other distortions in relationships such as abandonment or destructive over expectations of relationship boundaries.

Thankfully there are many ways to work through trauma and to learn to cope with and ultimately recover from your trauma and lead a normal life again. Seeking help from a counsellour is probably one of the best options if you do not start to return to normal after a month after the event. Many institutions and programs were wholly ineffective, impractical or outdated in helping people with addictions recover from emotional or psychological traumas.

The Care Centre

While many Cape Town rehab centres inflate the quality of their services with rhetoric and expensive distractions. Recovery Direct prefecrs to get straight to the real reason that you are here. We provide evidence-based care for depresion, anxiety, trauma, substances, burnout and stress.

Recovery Direct compliment their pleasant setting with a total commitment by all staff members to provide impeccable day-to-day services. To ensure the overall wellbeing of patients, all staff members must maintain a friendly, “open door” policy to help patients with special requests.


Daily activities and general amenities are geared to enhance the entire recovery experience. The centre is impartial to ethnic, gender, and similar persuasions. Currency rates make it a popular destination for overseas clients too.


Discretion, security and privacy are stringent priorities, and can even be more defined for high profile visitors to the centre from locally in South Africa and countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands seeking high-quality treatment services in Cape Town.


The main premises of Recovery Direct are situated in a historic suburb in the exquisite seafront city of Cape Town, with iconic Table Mountain in the background. It boasts superb architecture in an exceptionally discreet, peaceful environment, with easy access to international airports, as well as world-class digital, medical and other technologies.


We offer a wide spectrum of treatment programs for mental and substance use disorders. Options include a range of residential, outpatient, aftercare, family and online programs. Treatment plans are custom designed and personalised to meet the needs of individual patients.

Inpatient Care

Daily in-house activities are dynamic and include private counselling, group therapy, and other activities. Qualified mental health professionals present the counselling sessions, while other staff members pay special attention to the general wellbeing and other personal needs of patients.

Online Rehab

Online Treatment Courses via Streaming Services. Apart from the normal residential and outpatient services, Recovery Direct also offers online courses via digital video streaming. Their unique series of Internet-based courses are presented by in-house counsellors in a secure online environment.

Online Therapy

Family members and aftercare patients in distant locations can also maintain virtual live contact with counsellors. Recovery Direct have developed unique, cutting edge programs for treating Substance Use Disorder, PTSD and CPTSD. These programs, as well as their other treatment programs, have been tested and proven and are routinely reviewed to keep up with the latest international quality standards.

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